My Route

I plan to walk through: Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York!

As Blog Support has set precedent, I will set all words that are not Sam's in italics. I will be keeping the map updated as Sam sends me his coordinates. The more he sends the more detail we get.
-The Map Wizard

v3.01 March 28th, 2014
The trail is calling. Can you hear it?

v3.00 February 23rd, 2014
**Destination Reached: New Mexico
**Destination Reached: Texas
"Why couldn't this get updated in a timely manner?" you ask. "You have been slacking Map Wizard!" you say. And you would be right. The only goodies I offer as recompense to return to your good graces are, of course, stats. 

John and Sam Total Distance Walked: 210 Miles
John and Sam Time Spent Walking: ~75 hours

Miles Covered in New Mexico: 410 miles
Hours Walked in New Mexico: ~129 hours

Google is limiting me too 100 lines of coordinates per Excel file before a required Pro upgrade. Looking for a new option.

v2.13 January 10th, 2014
To reflect Sam's new hiking compatriot, a new layer has found its way onto the map. The color, purple, was specifically requested by Sam himself. Good luck you two.

v2.12 December 29th, 2013
*Destination Reached: Phoenix, AZ

v2.11 December 15th 2013
Progress continues towards Phoenix, AZ. Blurry photos of the journal have been fixed. 

v2.10 December 10th, 2013
**Destination Reached: Arizona

Greenfield, CA to Parker, AZ
Miles Covered: ~543 miles
Hours Walking: ~180 hours
Days Walking: 39 days
Walking Speed: 3mph
Average Miles Covered per Day: 13.9 miles
Days to New York, NY: ~208 days
Percent Complete: 16%

v2.09 December 8th, 2013
The 110 mile march to Arizona is nearly complete. And when he reaches we will have stats, many stats. Yes, tomorrow will be filled with stats.

v2.08 December 1st, 2013
*Destination Reached: Yucca Valley, CA
There is 110 miles between TwentyNine Palms and Parker, AZ the next town.

v2.07 November 28th 2013
All points updated. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

v2.06 November 26th 2013 
Estimated Walk Time for the 26th = 4 hours 15 minutes
*Destination Reached: Victorville, CA
Word has reached that his phone has possibly committed to providing a data connection. If you see pics of his journal on the "scribblings" page all will be answered.

v2.05 November 23rd 2013 
*Destination Reached: Lancaster, CA 
Added Starting Location. Sam's phone difficulties are not affecting location data. 

v2.04 November 19th 2013 
Progress continues through the mountains above Los Angeles. 

v2.03 November 15th 2013 
Sam spammed me with coordinates over the course of the day and these are now uploaded. One noteworthy text i received went something like, "so many f!#@ing hills." Below are some rough statistics.

Miles Covered:  ~250 miles
Hours Walking: ~80 hours

Control over the over-sized legend is minimal. Clicking the strange symbol in the top right of the map will make it full screen and more enjoyable for viewing.

Due to highway 166 cell conditions, coordinates had been scarce. But, methods have been adjusted, formats improved and Sam's location should run more smoothly now. Please leave any map feedback in the comments section.

Progress marches south and east. He's put on his big boy boots and is smoking across 166. The Nov. 12th entry is his campsite for the night.

*Destination Reached: San Luis Obispo, CA


  1. Hey Sam! My name is Kim, my mothers name is Beth she is your grandfather Velton's sister. I live in Las Cruces NM which I-10 goes right thru. If you are in my area I will pick you up take you for some AWESOME mexican food and let you crash at my house. Hope you make it here. Keep walking!!!!

  2. Dear Sam, Enyor your ride, when have time has arrived look beyond my friend. This life is one way ticket keep it mind...

  3. Hi Sam,
    Spoke to your Mom. So proud of you. Be safe and have a great adventure!

  4. Hey Sam! Its zack from market basket winnie tx. Be safe have fun:)