Declaration of Intent

Dear Family and Friends,

I am trying to walk across America. I, of course, reserve the right to back out of this outrageous claim at any point in time by stowing away on the next Greyhound bus bound for home, but if all goes well (it won't) I will reach New York City. This decision may seem sudden, but I assure you it was wildly premeditated. I know for many of you this news will only confirm your collectively-arrived-at suspicions of my deep impracticality, but this feels important to me, even if I don't entirely understand why.

What I can tell you is I'm writing a letter to America with my feet. If I'm to write seriously, if my thoughts, my poetry, and my interactions with people are to contain any flecks of meaning in them at all, I need more life experiences. I want to know where I come from, this land, and the people of its society. I believe if I listen close enough to their stories and observe their faces, their pains and happinesses, I will have learned and beheld something of intrinsic worth: humanity. I hope to gain a better understanding of people and the world by walking through it. If half of writing is living, then this course I've set is what I should attempt if writing is everything I suspect it of being.

If I'm to succeed in the most complete sense, I need your help. Call me, write me messages, tell me I'm not a fuck-up. Or say that I am, but add It's okay, your best will be good enough. I have been nothing without you. If I haven't met you yet, I want to meet you. I want to hear your story, your advice, your jokes. And if I'm passing through your area, I'd also like to submit a request to occupy your front yard with my tent for the night!

I love you, every one of you. I can say this without fear.

See you out there,



  1. Sam,
    I admire your remarkable spirit and your unwavering determination to peel back the layers of humanity by embarking on this amazing adventure that will surely be the journey of a lifetime. One step at a time, one handshake at a time, one town at a time, you will find America. You are truly an inspiration and I thank you for sharing your "scirbblings" so we can all follow you across this great nation. I wish you all the best! Have fun and be safe :)

    A loyal supporter of your cause,

    Erin King

    1. There is always room for loyal supporters of the cause, Erin. Once I command legions of supporters, you can be a high ranking official and boss them around.

  2. SAM!

    I am so very impressed! WOW! I still picture you as the little boy in my classroom ALWAYS with a book in his hand... you have grown into a confident, secure and adventurous young man! I am so proud of you... (impressed with your writing too!) ; )
    I wish you GREAT LUCK and many WONDERFUL experiences and positive life learning.

    I look forward to following you now that I know you are on this remarkable journey! xo

    May God be with you.
    Love, Mrs. Panziera

  3. Sam! I I hope you know you're insane but that's totally cool, keep it up. I remember riding the train in Germany with you and you telling me to write about my travels as if I were writing a story.. I couldn't do it. Bit you did. Every. Single. Day. I'm so happy to know you're doing this for your writing and to get more out of life. You have always had your head on right. I'm proud to say I graduated with you and that you've taken this road to finding yourself.

    Miss you.

  4. I loved meeting you and your friends today. Oh, to be young again!
    What a life changing journey you are on. I admire so much what you are doing! Sarah

  5. Sam,
    It was a joy to meet and visit with you here in New Braunfels. I applaud your decision to undertake such a journey. I shall follow you as you continue on this quest of 'finding'. Best wishes.
    Neil Boll

  6. Hey Sam......still praying for your safe travels. Really am glad we ladies were fortunate to meet a kind and handsome man as you. Will follow you the rest of your journey and best wishes, love Vickey, birding lady extraordinaire.

  7. Sam, That is so freaky! I have never in my life been moved to use the phrase, "Walking through our lives..." as I did when we parted company. I was somewhat puzzled as to why I chose a "new phrase" in my 60th year on this planet. And then I read your Declaration of Intent and see the same words! Spooky! Anyway, I too will be following your escapades with fervor! ...and miss you! ~

  8. By the way, The Little Prince has been one of my favorite books since I was about16 when I first read it.

  9. Sam, I read about your trek in the Rock Hill Herald and also saw the video the Herald posted on the net. Had to check your site out. Good stuff. Stay healthy and best wishes. ...and to think that caddying (9-20 miles a day) for 17 years was something. Ain't a pimple on the fanny of your trip! Matt