Friday, April 4, 2014

Day 152 - April 1st

Blue bonnets are springing up everywhere. I suspect the wildflowers are only beginning to bloom.


  1. So good to see y'all today and have lunch together in Shiner. I felt a little wistful as we all watched you head off as a lone walker again. We got Shawn and Clay to Austin and dropped them at a hotel near the airport and again I was a bit down at having to say more goodbyes. But then I thought, "if you guys hadn't come visiting, then we wouldn't get to say goodbye, right?" We all enjoyed getting to see you and Clayton and meeting Shawn. As always, onward Sam! Oh yeah, great wildflower photo--Chris

  2. Great photo,Sam! I'm so glad you had company to kick start the second phase of your journey. I know you'll continue to meet truly wonderful people and make heartwarming memories, too. I'm with you every step. Big hugs to you!

  3. That picture is quite a contrast to previous ones! A turtle!!!!!! OMG!!!!! Glad y'all found agua...little tortugas!