Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day 29 - November 29th

These are the thoughts of a very tired man. I had another go at Highway 247 today and it whooped me again. The camber of the road is devastating my right ankle so I am constantly trying to stay on the pavement until the desert rats push me off again. Throw in some desert showers and an extra long day to make up for lost time and you have yourself a person who could only sit, blinking, his possessions strewn about him as he thinks about thinking about setting up his tent. At least the ground is sand here so I wont have to shift over rocks all night.

The water situation is less than ideal. I underestimated the distance to Yucca Valley and I didn't think the road would be such slow going. I have one full water bottle plus two inches left in a one gallon jug. I am not too worried though. Its 17 miles to Highway 62 then an extra 2 miles to Yucca Valley. I also have a new friend who lives there named Jeff Milhem, compliments of Leslie Cloud, a lovely woman I met several weeks ago. When I meet with him I'm sure he can hook me up with some water.

The electronics are also low. I'm on the second batter of my GoPro and cell phone. My ipod is just about dead which will make tomorrow much more difficult. Curse this holiday weekend!

Two people, Stew and Peggy, stopped me on the road and chatted with me, which was nice. It raised my spirits. Should have asked them for water!

P.S. I'm almost out of gummy worms!


  1. Oh no! We didn't replenish the gummy worms in your food drop! Just seeing these would have lifted your spirits. But alas., dear boy., they'll make it in the next drop. Doing great Sam!

  2. No gummy worms, oh my little mushroom!

  3. The best sentence in there was the one about desert rats.