Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Update from Senor Tidwell

Hello Everyone!

I've made Arizona. I'm praying for good weather and better internet so I can get my journal entries to the blog. They are currently trapped in "Sending" limbo. I'm afraid it's out of my hands for the time being. I want to thank everyone who helped get me across California. I understand I've crossed some 450 miles and I know I didn't do this alone. It would hardly have been possible without your support either in the form of hospitality and shelter or your notes and texts.

I expect it will take me three weeks to cross Arizona if it's a straightforward walk and I don't meet anyone or the weather takes a bad turn, but I'd like to linger if I can meet people who live in the state. If you know anyone who lives along my route (See below), let me know! Texting me is turning out to be the most reliable form of communication as I can't pull my emails without internet which is frustratingly difficult to connect to.

I hope everyone is doing well!


Arizona: Parker-->Highway 72-->Salome-->Backroad towards Buckeye, which is south of Phoenix--> Highway 85--> Road 238 through Sonoran Desert-->Maricopa-->Casa Grande-->Florence-->Highway 79 North to Globe-->Highway 70 to Safford--> Highway 70 to Lordsburg, New Mexico.


  1. Hey Sam! Congrats on your huge accomplishment so far. We have so enjoyed your photos and interactions with all the kind people of this world. Thanks for your awesome insight and best wishes from Lopez family.

  2. That's so cool Sam! Wow! I'm in awe of your accomplishment. Can you imagine when you get to New York!! : ) Great job! Thinking of you, Cousin Terri