Thursday, January 9, 2014

December 30th, Day 60

Undated Photo

John beat me up and took all my stuff, then stabbed me for good measure.

Just kidding, Mom! Love you!
I have something unfortunate to announce: I'm afraid our team name is Team Chevrolegs -groan-. John made a terrible pun yesterday then joked about how that would be a fitting team name. I adamantly rejected it but today I caught myself referring to us mentally as Team Chevrolegs. I'm afraid it's too late to avert an aesthetic disaster. In other searches for names, I'm toying with Tubby/Cubby the Rickshaw. 

We made more progress on Highway 60. An alternate route presented itself to us as more offbeat and beautiful so we branched off onto a gravel road which other people have confirmed reconnects to the highway close to Superior, the next town in our crosshairs. The Sonoran is really showing off now. The prevalence of water has given the land a means of supporting a broader diversity of flora. The size of plants has also dramatically increased as they are no longer stifled by the heat. The Saguaro forests are truly bewildering to behold. 

Around 3 p.m. we walked off the road and discovered a ruin of what could have been a cabin or a hunting lodge at one point. Stone walls and pillars are all that remain. It's good to have a wall to sit back against as John and I both hammer out words into the shape of sentences. The coals of tonight's fire are still smoldering but the cold is starting to creep back in along the sides. I have a feeling John's yowls of pain as he gathers fuel for fire are going to be a regular source of amusement.

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  1. Lori, I fully expected a comment here in response to Sam's wicked little beginning comment! Sam, apart from your legs changing into redwood beams, you look fucking awesome!