Thursday, January 2, 2014

Stay With Me

Hello everyone, I'm reporting live from Globe, AZ! The days have been getting colder but I am resolved to continue. I recently spent time in Phoenix where I encountered people and places that are too immense and complex to grasp. Give me a little more time to write this experience up; it's a big one. In the meantime, stay with me. Do you have any questions about my travels that I haven't already addressed?


  1. Hope you enjoyed your visit to Globe! The folks who encountered you shared your story at work, so I'm following your adventure from here.

    1. Hey Mar. That's so awesome to hear you joining us as we follow Sam cross country. By you taking an interest adds proof to Sam's quest to find unity among people. He has encountered so many wonderful people!

    2. Hi Mar! Thanks for hopping aboard. I'm curious to see how many folks will walk with me through this blogging medium.