Thursday, March 27, 2014

Begin Phase Two

Hola! to everyone,

For the past week I've been staying with my grandparents Velton and Marjorie Tidwell in Boerne, Texas. I chose to take a hiatus from the blog during this time (I trust my absence didn't upset any cosmic balances currently in play) in order to spend my time more fully with my grandparents but also to reflect, write for myself, and rethink the next phase of the trip. Several things:

My write-up about Austin is complete! Look below this one for the post; if you've already read about it, I added some new photos that really take the cake. Thanks to Julia Cosgrove for being an incredibly gracious hostess ^^

Tumbleweed undergoing alterations in Las Cruces. Goodbye
little buddy!
I'm sad to say I'm leaving Tumbleweed here in Boerne. It was a good rickshaw. It got me through three deserts and never broke down. In many ways it was my signature. It invited people to approach me because it made a good talking point. However, the advantages of walking with only a backpack, albeit a heavier one, are too many to ignore. The deserts are over now and as I move further East into thicker populations and the great American cities, I must adapt. Tumbleweed belongs to the desert and I'm content to leave it there.

John painted this. Keep walking, brother.
Although I haven't been posting videos on the blog, there are several hundred videos on my youtube channel. I have taken videos of almost every day. I expect everyone, even strangers, to watch ALL OF THEM. But no, seriously, I haven't even watched them, much less edited and prepared them for the blog. In the future I hope to clear out some of my more idiotic, pointless moments and date and attach them to their proper entries. In the meantime, all videos do appear chronologically on my Youtube Channel for your viewing (dis)pleasure. You can find a link on the Contact Me page. I presume you'd like to see my handsome face and the places I'm walking through. Don't be put off by strange gaps in their serial numbers (e.g. 247, 248, 249, then 270!); this doesn't necessarily mean videos are missing, it's just
how the GoPro names each file it makes, including
deleted videos and photos.
The hands of John.

Many of you have asked me about John and where his story continues. I am very, very pleased to announce that John has graduated from his treatment center! Well done, John.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my call for letters! When I reached my grandparent's, I had an enormous pile of mail awaiting me. It was very touching to see a visual representation of the support I feel from all of you. I intend to reply to everyone.

I met a young boy named Colton a couple weeks ago and for some reason his picture never went 
through to Blog Support. I am making amends here: 
Say hello to Colton everyone! He could be an American cross
country walker someday!
Amusing Family Photos
These cropped up over the course of the week. They are damn funny.

A hilarious photo of my family. Check out my dad's hair,
haha. From left to right: Michael (my dad!), Marjorie (my grandma),
Greg (my uncle), Laura (my aunt) and Sharon (my aunt).
All young nerd ballers and future emperors read the dictionary.

This past week I have spent a lot of time ruminating about the future. What will happen? Who will I meet? What will I do when I get to New York City? I admit, I have no follow-up plan. I am trying not to let this shake me. I have to trust I will know what to do when I arrive. In the meantime, there are many miles to walk, rainstorms and humidity to weather, alligators to wrestle, Cajun food to consume, Southern accents to translate, letters to write and receive, poems to grow, friends to make. I still may learn what I need to know, find whatever America I'm looking for. [<---Gaaah, look! A naked preposition!]

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