Sunday, November 24, 2013

New Route, New Videos

Hi everyone, here's my preliminary route through Arizona:

SoCal: Adelanto->Victorville-->Highway 18--> Highway 247-->Highway 62 above Joshua Tree National Forest-->Twentynine Palms--> Parker

Arizona: Parker-->Highway 72-->Salome-->Backroad towards Buckeye, which is south of Phoenix--> Highway 85--> Road 238 through Sonoran Desert-->Maricopa-->Casa Grande-->Florence-->Highway 79 North to Globe-->Highway 70 to Safford--> Highway 70 to Lordsburg, New Mexico.

New Videos:
Day 11:
Update on Highway 166 (Profanity), Highway 166, Peacocks!? (Profanity), Post-nap Mumblings

Day 12: I Got A Rainbow, Yay for Bees!, Walking About, All My Friends, Sighting of the Carrizo Plains Mountains, The Ninja Camps Again

Day 13: Cold Morning, Returning to the Road, Ninja Style (Profanity), The Cuyama River, Arriving in New Cuyama, Welcome to Fire Station 41!

Day 14: Special Thanks to Fire Station 41, Quatal Canyon, Never Turn The Sun Off! (I regret this video a lot), Terrible, Just Terrible, Los Padres National Forest, King Grub

Day 15: Check Out That Backpack (Warning: Expert Camera Work), Road Talk, Pine Mountain, Thinking Out Loud, Camping Among Pines

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