Saturday, November 16, 2013

November 10th, Day 10

Grover Beach, CA
Today was remarkable only in that I managed to get lost several times. After backpacking through a nature preserve I didn't know was in the area and clambering through brush and poison oak, I popped out onto a golf course. What the hell? At this point I'd lost all faith in my "smart" phone's GPS and my own intuition and had to rely on local testimony to get back on course (literally). I had to walk through another golf course and the cushiest of suburbias in order to arrive at Highway 1, which subsequently led me through miles of ag roads. Completely pointless trekking.

Luckily, I had a get-out-of-farmville-free card by the name of Mike Limberg. The night before we'd arranged for him to pick me up so I could sleep at his house, then he would drop me off at the entrance of Highway 166 which is where I was supposed to have ended up. I almost had turned him down on the offer, thinking it would be "cheating." This sort of romance concerning the "proper" way to walk across America is going to land me in some serious pain if I can't learn to pursue high-flighted notions with a smarter approach.

So, Limberg arrived to teleport me from the middle of bumfuck nowhere and of course he mocked the heck out of me. Limberg's quips are perfectly aimed and worded more often than not. Later that night we watched another movie called Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I've been getting advice from Limberg about how not to let girls shit all over you and survive love. Tootsie and Forgetting Sarah Marshall were part of the curriculum. If I weren't trying to walk across the country I would have liked to have stayed at his house longer and joked and learned from him more. Maybe when I'm down with this adventure.

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  1. I love TOOTSIE!!! Been thinking of other movies that you'd like from yesteryear. I'm a oldies movie lover myself. Glad to see you gathering ideas about relationships from others. I have gained a TON of precious info from many diverse and seasoned "lovers". Keep asking questions on love and relationships. Ask everyone too, and don't sensor your questions, everyone wants to talk and share!