Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 4th, Day 4

Interwater Road, CA
I'm a few miles away from Lake San Antonio! I could have kept pushing and maybe camped there but when I saw a gap in the barbed wire fence along the road I knew I had to stop. I already made the mistake of killing myself for the possibility of another place to camp. So I'm trespassing but at least I'm getting some rest. I've never stopped to make camp this early so I'm twiddling so I'm vaguely paranoid that angry arms-bearing landowners are going to roust me but I don't think that a likely possibility. Everyone is returning from work at dark (5:30) and they'll be too busy shaking off the Monday. I'd prefer not to skulk and be upfront about who I am and where I'm sleeping but I suspect no charisma I possess will be enough to convince anyone to let me sleep on their land.

Just right now a full grown feral pig trotted by and my first reaction was to zip up my flimsy tent and say "Oh god..." As if it would use the door to attack me. Luckily, my impressive defense and deep voice convinced it that I'm not worth tangling with and it left as swift as it came, no doubt spreading the word to all its other pig friends that Anthem, the National is around.

Even though each day I wake up to a mystery, I'm not worrying. All I have to do each day is get up and walk. Today, a man named Reyes stopped me on the road to chat and he told me I was laying a foundation for myself, four strong pillars to hold up my house. He's a general constructor who is now writing a cooking and house-building Youtube show. Reyes said that his brother died right after graduating college--a brain aneurysm took him right when he was just getting started. He then told me to stay focused on my goal because I could get taken too; if I stick with the goal, I'll grow tall.

Videos of The Day:
Glory of the Road
RIP Mr. Towel
More like NINJA camping, amirite?

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  1. Reyes, you are a good man with sound advice to anyone who cares to listen. Sam is blessed to have you pass through his journey.