Monday, November 18, 2013

Day 15 - November 15th

I broke the two week mark and still feel good about life, so that's something. I woke up today and got into the swing of routine. I still can't seem to improve my pack up time, which is always about an hour and a half. And when I hit the trail it takes me a little to get into the walking, probably because normally I'd be rolling over in bed to grab my computer and watch TV shows until I felt ready for the day around 10:00 am. Therefore, it's important to break the first sweat as early as possible so I can really jam through the cool morning hours.

I can sum up today with HILLS. Holy crap all I did today was walk up and down hills. The only saving grace was the weather, which is decidedly chilled. I'm holed up in my tent in my sleeping bag and wearing a pile of clothes. Surprisingly, I marched the hills fairly easily which means my body is strengthening. I can tell I'm going to pay for it tomorrow though.

I did meet some excellent people today. I'm now planning to stop at every fire station because firemen are awesome. Captain Chris and Matt gave me the layout of the land, refilled my water and I had a cup of Forest Service coffee which was obviously better than my Nescafe.

And as I was walking towards Pine Mountain Resort, the nearest town, I serendipitously ran into an elderly gentleman named Tom. By sheer chance, he was about to turn around at the spot he usually does right when I was passing by and so we strolled to town together. Turns out Tom was also an English major, so we hit it off famously, swapping book titles and observations about my walk. Tom is very well spoken, erudite and an energetic man for his age despite having overcome a ling disease and liver transplant. I just had the best time walking leisurely down a mountain road with the air crisp and bright, accompanied by a gentle, luminous soul who I sense has been pondering the world much longer and deeper than i have. He gave me a big hug when we parted. I still wish the road had been longer or that we had walked more slowly. Hopefully, I will meet Tom again.

Videos of the Day
Check Out That Backpack (Warning: Expert Camera Work)

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  1. What a wonderful encounter with Tom. And all the other guys at the fire houses! You've been so lucky to have these people help you as you travel on your journey! They are the daily gifts of life.
    Hope your gear has been efficient in keeping you warm at night!