Monday, November 4, 2013

November 2nd, Day 2

near Fort Hunter Liggett, CA
I am experiencing a lot of pain. This second day was not as kind as the first. All my troubles began when I had to surmount the Jolon Grade, a steep road that kicked my ass. I had to break for lunch at the top because I was so wiped out. If I had been smart I would have [broke] for camp then or soon after but because I trekked onward I hit the military base Fort Hunter Liggett. The Army owns hundreds of acres and I figured this meant I couldn't camp. So I pushed onward until I finally made it beyond the base, but now I'm sporting blisters and the entire lower half of my body is ridiculously sore. 

I was saved by the Mackins. It turns out Bob and Katie were attending a fundraiser dinner nearby and they invited me to eat. I was hurting badly so I accepted, but not without a certain reluctance. It felt lame, even a little like cheating to have Bob pick me up for this event. I imagined all the people who might scoff at me for suddenly teleporting by car to an evening in the garden and I almost declined. I don't know where this aversion to help is coming from. It seems much smarter to use what opportunities I get and not make something that's already intrinsically difficult that much harder. Even though I have declared no rules, for some [reason] I am still playing by some that I had no chance to debate. This must change or I'm not going to make it.

I'll admit I'm in pretty low spirits. I covered a lot of ground, 22 miles, but it cost me a lot physically and mentally. It's hard to see beyond the present right now. But while I'm in my tent and reflecting on the day, I have to say it got off to a great start. I junked extra weight before leaving, exchanging granola bars for condoms (I don't know why I let Bob give me those. No, I know exactly why.) He also drove me down the road a ways, then parked the car on the side of the road and walked with me for a mile or two. My friends' belief in me will have to take the place of mine tonight.

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  1. Despite your pain you came through with the best attitude anyone could hope for. You dug deep for that. The Mackins were angels for you that night.