Monday, November 4, 2013

November 3rd, Day 3

Lockwood, CA
Today was a lot easier, mainly because I didn't move very far. I couldn't convince my body (feet in particular) that moving on was a good idea. Thankfully I have another reason for being here which is to visit with Tracy Shelley. She called me in the morning and we made it a plan to meet up at the vineyard she's working a few miles from the Lockwood Store, which I had been attempting to reach yesterday. Tracy is a "wild ass grape grower," to quote my cousin Avery who put me in touch with her. And it's true. Tracy is a rugged farmer who, when I found her in the vineyard, was digging trenches with an entrencher. Her straw hat was patched with duct tape, her hands were callused [and bore] long thick nails. Her face was sunhardened but her eyes were bright and her smile kind. I got to stand on the side of her tractor and she drove me around the vineyard describing the irrigation operation over the rumble of the motor. Tracy set me up in the vineyards tonight which is awesome. There are pallets and cardboard boxes she said I could use to make a fire so I did, a big one at that. Tomorrow I may stick around here; Tracy liked my rig but her eyes immediately locked onto the flaws (the axle and tires specifically) and she broached the possibility of upgrading them to support more weight. I'll have to explore this offer more tomorrow. Overall, today was good because I had two sodas!

Videos of The Day:
Groggy Start to Day 3
The Search For Tracy
Regrouping in Lockwood
Portrait of Vineyard
Reinventing Castaway

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  1. Hi Sam, so glad you met up with Tracy. I'd love to meet her some day. You sound much better than the last post. Boy, there's nothing like a great fire to warm you up and glow with reflection. Hope the mole skin holds out. Maybe try a thin sock, under your thicker sock. Great post! Hang in there. We're all with you.