Friday, November 22, 2013

Public Service Announcement

Dear Everyone,

I'm experiencing difficulties with my phone so posting updates has been a little difficult. Just know that I am constantly jotting down the days in the my journal; it's only a matter of beaming them up for you to read on the blog. Videos, of course, are a little trickier but I'm still recording every day. Please be patient with me!

Many of you have asked what my route is. As of right now I'm writing from Lancaster, CA. From here I will make my way towards Victorville, then steer further South towards Twenty-nine Palms. This will allow me to take Highway 62 above Joshua Tree National Park and east into Arizona. This is where I'm uncertain where exactly I'll be walking. Due to the winter conditions, I'll have to stay in Southern Arizona, most likely just above or below Phoenix. I may even have to walk near Tucson. Anywhere above these areas, say Flagstaff, will be too cold for my gear. Once I've decided more firmly on a route, I'll make another route announcement!

I wish I could write longer and throw down everything I've written to catch you up but I'm out of time. Soon!

Yours Most Truly,

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