Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 7th, Day 7

 San Luis Obispo, CA

Update: New videos have been posted for each of the previous days. Unfortunately there will always be a time delay in posting videos. I wish I could devise a way to upload the day they are made because that would be more fun for you readers, but I'm technologically hamstrung. Hopefully the videos will still be fun even if they aren't current!

According to my pedometer, which I suspect of overestimation, I walked 27.64 miles on Day 7. Regardless of whatever the actual statistic is, it took me 8.5 hours to walk from Atascadero to San Luis Obispo. I felt really good throughout the entire walk, until right at the end when I was literally two blocks away from the address I was to stay at that night. I had to stop at a gas station and sit...for a long time. When I finally showed up at Jay and Joan Marie's home, I was dead on my feet, moving robotically as if my limbs were made of 2x4's.

I had a wonderfully low-key and enjoyable time with Jay and Joan Marie. It was nice to be involved in their family, even if as an odd and dirty invalid-guest. They have a two-year-old son named Isaiah who is enamored of garbage trucks. He is a garbage truck, in fact, a silver garbage truck that dumps silver cans, according to Isaiah. At the grocery store, he likes to shuffle spices around on their shelves, transporting thyme and cayenne with automated scoopers (arms and hands) then motoring off on his wheels (feet). He reminded me how astonishingly clever kids can be and I shared his parents' delight of him.

Jay and Joan Marie took Isaiah to a drive-in movie while I stayed in to rest. This meant I gorged myself on Kit-Kat's and Hint o' Lime Tostitos while catching up on TV shows. I'm glad I didn't have anything to do because I'm not sure I could have. My muscles had stiffened up and every step was a deluge of aches, so I was amusingly incapacitated on the sofa, candy wrappers and crumbs strewn about my prone body. It was shameful. And delicious.

Videos of the Day:
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  1. I'm digging your singing. More of that and you'll have a captive audience. Wonderful voice! You're lookin' great, kinda scary so close to the cars

  2. I wondered how the b*#ch Grade would seemed to take it with ease. You really look good Sam! Keep the songs commin'!!!!