Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 9th, Day 9

Grover Beach, CA

The rest day was bliss. To my utter shock, Limberg called in a favor with his masseuse and I received the very first massage of my life. If I thought it was ostentatious, I also didn't care; hey, I'm supposed to accept whatever experience this trip slings at me, right? I also binge-watched House of Cards instead of catching up on my work. For food, I pilfered whatever Limberg had in his fridge and pantry, although at times it was a little frustrating. Limberg's tastes are a little more esoteric and exotic so instead of the Doritos and sandwich meat I was looking for, I found sprouted mung beans, hand-made quince jam, and paleo bread. Of course, I still ate everything, but I found myself eating jerky and bread from my trail bag for the heaviness, which amused me.

Later that night I went to dinner with Limberg and his close family. Thai food...enough said, I think. Then, cups of candy-cap mushroom tea in hand, Limberg and I retired to watch Tootsie. This movie slayed us. Every joke had so many layers and the cast was comprised of all the heavy hitters of the eighties, Dustin Hoffman, Jessica Lange, Bill Murray, Sydney Pollack. Tootsie has forced me to reconsider my utter denunciation of the art of cinema.

No videos of the day!

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